Irma Hannula* and Cristina Palici di Suni**

EAAE Summer School Working Group (*Finland, **Italy)


The telescope is a very common observation tool with lots of models and prices. Usually, the problem to get a telescope in the school is the money. Thinking of that, the idea to prepare everyman’s telescope raised up. The materials have to be cheap and the method simple enough, which makes the construction of the own telescope possible.

First, some explorations with a candle and lenses are made to find out how an image of the candlelight is formed on the screen. The test will be done with several kinds of lenses. Two of those lenses are constructed as handwork using very simple technique.

Second, the students will prepare a pocketsize telescope. The construction of this observation tool is very simple, one may say too simple. But it is important to encourage students in the hands-on activity, because it helps them better to understand natural phenomena. Students may try to prepare a lens themselves, using cheap materials and specific method.

The students may test their telescopes in the classroom or outdoors. The main purpose of preparing this tool is to let students to enjoy of their successful work and of the tool made by them.

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