Sunrise Project


The project intends to be a school collaborative project by which the schools can learn more about the Sun's apparent movement and about photography using a pinhole camera. Though the technique is in theory quite simple, pinhole camera's are very didactical, as they allow students to learn about photography theory and practice and might allow students to obtain very beautiful images.

The Sun's path has a different course every day. This course depends on the latitude of the location.

The idea of the Sunrise Project is that the students use simple self-built cardboard pinhole cameras to make very long-exposure (several days) photographs of the sunrise or sunset around vernal equinox (15 March – 25 March)  at different latitudes.

The students will develop their skills in astronomy, geography, geometry, instrument building and international cooperation: You can have more information on the document provided in “Sunrise Photos in Lessons.

The students will build the cameras (Fig. 1) by themselves of matt-black cardboard and other simple materials. The work is comparatively easy, but care is needed in building the camera and making the exposure.

Documents of this project.


Close to the Spring Equinox students from several schools all around Europe have built pinhole cameras by themselves. The pinhole cameras were made of matt-black cardboard and other simple material using a design scheme that was provided by Sakari Ekko the project coordinator.