Skara, Sweden, 8th to 13th August 2005.

The 9th EAAE International Summer School took place in Skara, Sweden, from 8th to 13th August 2005.

Forty participants from 17 European countries attended a group of activities related to "Astronomy by means of practical Activities".

Teachers from Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden and UK exchanged information on Teaching Astronomy field, spread over 1 General Lecture, 13 Workshops, 2 General Working Group, 2 Observations and 1 Poster session.

General Lecture

1. Stars in the Sky, Stars in Europe, Stars in the Classroom.


1. A Planetarium in the Classroom.
2. A Smorgasbord of Activities in Art and Astronomy.
3. Aspects of the Year of Einsteins 2005. Special Relativity and E=mc2.
4. Coordinates, Coordinates, Coordinates.
5. First Aid Kit. What is Necessary For a Good Astronomer to do an Observations in Any Moment?
6. How Old is the Universe?
7. How do we Know That the Universe is Expanding? (Alan C. Pickwick).
8. Lunar Eclipses: Viewing and Calculating Activities.
9. Message to Extraterrestrials.
10. Models of Extra-Solar Planetary Systems.
11. Orbits of Binary Stars.
12. Searching for Extra-Solar Planets.
13. Spectroscopy for the School.
14. The Life of the Stars.

General Working Groups

1. Hands-On Universe, Europe: Bringing Frontline Interactive Astronomy to the Classroom.
2. Webcam Astronomy.


1. A Journey to Mars - A Picture in Sound.
2. Astronomy Activities for School Children and Students in Astronomy Summer Camp.
3. Astronomy Activities in School.
4. Astronomy in the Portuguese Curricula.
5. Bringing the Teachers Experience of Summer Schools to the Classroom and the Portuguese Participation on the European Hands-On Universe.
6. Improving Science Education 5-14 (ISE 5-14) in Scotland: Earth and Space.
7. Innovating in Teaching/Learning Astronomy Methods.
8. Radioastronomy for Pupils.
9. Reviving Eratostenes - A Multidisciplinary Activity.
10. Teaching Astronomy in Europe: Annual Evaluation.
11. The Magic Torch Which Sundials Generate.
12. The Public and Amateur Observatory of Murcia.

The organizers of this course always encourage active participation by all the teachers and professors through personal contributions to the poster session, in the common discussions or in the general working groups. As a result of this spirit of promoting the exchange of information, each participant received the Proceedings, which included all the activities. All of these papers appeared in English and one of the two other official languages of the Summer School. This year, as well as of English, the official languages were Swedish as hosted country and German for reasons of proximity.

The General Lecture was presented by Dr. Claus Madsen from European Southern Observatory. The instructors were members of EAAE. They produced the prior list of activities during the meeting. The majority of them are members of EAAE WG of the Summer School: Cecilia Appl, Charles-Henri Eyraud, Rainer Gaitzschild, Simon Garcia, Felisbela Martins, Crsitina Palici, Alan Pickwick, Rosa M. Ros, Ilgonis Vilks and Werner Warland,as well as Roger Andersson non-member of this working group, who was invited to present a workshop.

We spent the morning and the first part of the afternoon in Workshops, the second part of each afternoon in General Working groups and Poster sessions. Evenings were used for observation sessions with telescopes, when it was possible.

The 9th Summer School was held in Karlstads University. It is necessary to thank his co-operation and support for the Local Organizing Committee, it would not have been possible to run the course as successfully.

Participants at the 9th EAAE Summer School.Participants at the 9th EAAE Summer School.


Rosa M. Ros, Chairperson of the EAAE-SS.


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