Hall in Tirol, Austria, 25-30 August 2003.

The 7th EAAE International Summer School took place in Hall in Tirol from 23rd to 30th August 2003. Fifty participants from 15 European countries attended a group of activities related to "Astronomy in the Mountains".

Teachers from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain and UK exchanged information on Teaching Astronomy field, spread over 2 General Lectures, 13 Workshops, 1 General Working Group, 2 Observations and 1 Poster session.

General Lectures

1. Cosmic Radiation.
2. Astronomy in the mountains: light ans colors.


1. Discovering the speed of light.
2. Easy models to show the sky on different latitudes ans the effect of observing from mountains-tops.
3. Energy crisis in Lunar orbit.
4. How to measure the distance Earth-Sun by studing the Arcturus spectrum.
5. How to measure the distance Earth-Sun by studing the transit of Venus.
6. Making helioscopes with four sticks.
7. Measuring the Moon's mountains.
8. Muons in the moutains (Alan C. Pickwick).
9. Our corner of the Universe.
10. Planets in motion.
11. The horizon as an observatory.
12. The Pyrenean Shepherds' dials (Simón García).
13. Visit to particle zoo.

General Working Group

1. Exciting astronomy projects for students. Some examples.


1. An estimation of the Solar constant.
2. Astronomy teaching activities in Latvia.
3. Being detectives to promote astronomy.
4. Euroastro: a Socrates European project.
5. Feedback of the astronomy course.
6. In search of the sky in the city.
7. In-service training course in astronomy.
8. Jupiter satellites ans third Kepler's law.
9. Light: the message from the stars.
10. Malta astronomical heritage.
11. Measuring the Universe from European dimension.
12. Mercury and Venus transits in 2003 and 2004.
13. Organizing the astronomy teaching in secondary school.
14. Pupil-oriented astronomy in Austrian school lessons.
15. The horizon and horizon calendars.
16. sing photography in astronomy teaching.

The organisers of this course always encourage active participation by all the teachers and professors through personal contributions to the poster session, in the common discussions or in the general working groups. As a result of this spirit of promoting the exchange of information, each participant received the Proceedings, which included all the activities. All of these papers appeared in English and one of the two other official languages of the Summer School. This year, as well as of English, the official languages were German as hosted country and Italian for reasons of proximity.

The General Lecture of the opening session was presented by Dr. Paul Scheier from the Innsbruck University and Dr. Michele Gerbaldi from the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris presented the General Lecture in the closing session. A group of instructor members of EAAE produced the prior list of activities during the meeting. The majority of them are members of EAAE WG of the Summer School: Arntraud Bacher, Frédéric Dahringer, Rainer Gaitzsch, Rupert Gesenberger, Leonarda Fucili, Rosa M. Ros, and Ilgonis Vilks as well as Alan Pickwick, non-members of this working group, who was invited to present a workshops.

We spent the morning and the first part of the afternoon in Workshops, the second part of each afternoon in General Working groups and Poster sessions . Two evenings were used for observation sessions with telescopes. The General lectures took place at the opening and the closing session. Thursday afternoon was spent in the Alps mountains, which offered us a wonderful sunny day for enjoying our excursion.

Participants at the 7th EAAE Summer School.
Participants at the 7th EAAE Summer School.


Rosa M. Ros (Chairperson of the EAAE-WG3), Arntraud Bacher (Chairperson of Local Organising Committee).


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