Loulé, Algarve, Portugal, 11th July to 15th July 2016.

The European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) in collaborating with the NASE Working Group of IAU organized the 21st EAAE Summer School for Teachers under the theme "Astronomy at our Schools".

The Summer School took place from Monday 11th July 2016 to Friday 15th July 2016, in Loulé, Algarve, Portugal, and had local support for the organization by Câmara Municipal de LouléCiência Viva, the Portuguese Ministery of Education and Escola Secundária de Loulé.


This Summer School includes 5 lectures, 12 hands-on workshops covering the most important astronomical areas, visits to astronomical sites and astronomical observations.



1. From NEOs to the Planet(s) X (Nuno Peixinho).
2. The Extra-Galactic side of the Universe (Sónia Anton).
3. The Milky Way as you haven't yet seen (André Moitinho).



1. Toilet paper time line. A toilet paper model. As long as the history of the Universe. (Leonarda Fucili).
2. Gravity from 1600 to Today (Alan Pickwick).
3. Differential rotation of the Sun using the Sunspots (Maria Peto).
4. New experiments on gravitational lenses (Rosa Maria Ros).
5. Micro-macrocosm – constructing the model of the universe (Irma Hannula).
6. Solar Physics-theory and applications (Alexandre Costa and Ana Luisa Gonçalves).
7. Measuring the speed of the light (Maria Petö).
8. Stars and Planets (Miguel Neta).
9. Young Astronomer Briefcase (Rosa Maria Ros).
10. Lives of Stars (Alexandre Costa).
11. Impact craters: from experiments with clay to the analysis of digital elevation models (Hélder Pereira).
12. There is more to Astronomy than meets the Eye - a walk through the Electromagnetic Spectrum (Alan Pickwick).

Astronomical Observations

1. Using a portable planetarium in the classroom. Astronomical observation with naked eye and the use of binoculars, telescopes and ancient instruments (Alexandre Costa, Rosa Maria Ros, Miguel Neta and Filipe Dias).
2. Astronomical observation-public awareness of light pollution.



1. Lecture about the “Almendres Cromelech” followed by guided visit to the archaeoastronomical site – Lecture with Professor Cândido Marciano da Silva.
2. Visit to Lisbon Astronomical Observatory and Lecture about “The Lisbon Astronomical Observatory and the History of Astronomy in Portugal”.

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