London, England, 20th July to 24th July 2015.

The European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) in collaboration with the Royal Astronomical Society organized the 20th EAAE Summer School for Teachers under the theme — Universe in the Classroom. The Summer School took place from Monday 20th July 2015 to Friday 24th July, Burlington House, that is the home of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Burlington House is located in the center of London near the Ritz Hotel, Fortnum & Masons and Eros in Piccadilly and shares the courtyard with the Royal Academy of Arts and their gallery.

The Summer School explored several themes in astronomy didactic appropriate for teaching since very early ages until college.

Topics since Earth, Moon and Sun relations, atmospheres of the planets, basic concepts of astrophysics, brightness of variable and binary stars, and how do work astronomical imaging in the classroom were the topics of some of the workshops of the Summer School. Since 2015 is the International of Light and Light-based Technologies there were also a specific workshop concerning the major physical phenomena and properties of light and their application in astronomy.

Highlights included an expedition to Greenwich and guest lectures by Martin Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow, Astronomer Royal (The next 20 years in Astronomy) and Prof. Martin Barstow, President of the Royal Astronomical Society (European Space Astronomy).

Astronomical lectures were presented by lecturers from Universities and research centers.

This Summer School was done in association with IAU and NASE.


1. The Next 20 years in Astronomy (Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal).
2. European Space Astronomy (Martin Barstow, President of the RAS).
3. The Odysseus II Project (Alexandre Costa, President of the EAAE).

Topics of Workshops

1. International year of light (Alexandre Costa).
2. Chemical Travel trough planetary atmospheres. Episode I (Josep Coromines).
3. Chemical travel trough planetary atmospheres. Episode II (Josep Coromines)
4. Parallel Earth (Rosa M. Ros).
5. Sun and stars in our sky – a demonstrator (Sakari Ekko).
6. Solar demonstrators (Rosa M. Ros).
7.Brightness of variable and binary stars (Ederlinda Viñuales Gavín).
8. What causes the seasons on Earth? Seasons on other planets in the Solar System (Ederlinda Viñuales Gavín).
9. Astronomical imaging in the classroom (Alexandre Costa).
10.Astrophysics The Basics (Alan Pickwick(.





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