December 28th-30th 2013 in Enontekiö (Finland).

The 19th EAAE-IAU astronomical school for teachers was held in Enontekiö during December 28th-30th. Instead of a Summer School it was a Winter School. More than 25 European teachers participated in the school. The greatest interest was displayed towards the “Sun and Auroras Borealis in teaching Astronomy” in a cooperative course for EAAE and NASE - IAU.


European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE);
Network for Astronomy School Education (NASE);
International Astronomical Union (IAU);
Science on Stage – Finland;
Helsinki University;
Luma Center Finland.

During the school, teachers attended workshops and working groups sessions. Observations were not posible becasuet it was claudy full week.

As is customary for EAAE schools, surveys was distributed at the end of the school. Teachers gave positive evaluations for the organization and conduction of the school, the quality of workshops and the practical activities. The course was extremely useful, and motivated teachers for their workin their schools.


Course chair: Rosa M. Ros (member of EAAE and IAU) and Irma Hannula (member of EAAE).