Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain, 3-8 July 2006.

The 10th EAAE International Summer School took place in Santa Cruz de la Palma (La Palma Island), Canaries Is., Spain from 3rd to 8th July 2006. Hundred participants from 24 countries attended a group of activities related to "Astronomy in Canarian Islands: Practical Activities for Schools".

Teachers from Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, UK and USA exchanged information on Teaching Astronomy field, spread over 3 General Lectures, 13 Workshops, 2 General Working Group, 2 Observations and 1 Poster session.

General Lectures

1. Balance Sheet Over Ten Years Teaching to Teach Astronomy.
2. Public Education, Eclipses, and International Astronomical Union's Commission on Education.
3. Extremely Large Telescopes.


1. About Saturn's Rings and its Spectrum.
2. Astronomy Kit for Young Astronomers.
3. Cepheid Stars ans the Distances of the Galaxies.
4. Determination of the Age of the Crab Nebula.
5. Local and Universal Studies of the Horizon.
6. Luminosity and Temperatures of the Sun.
7. Movement of the Planet Mars.
8. Satellites of Jupiter Observed by Galileo and Roemer in the 17th Century.
9. Stellar Evolution.
10. Stellar Spectra.
11. Sundials Mosaic: Equatorial and Analematic.
12. Transit of Venus.
13. Zodiac: Ancient and new Understanding.

General Working Groups

1. Preparing Observations.
2. Observations Results by Photography.


1. A Solar Ecplise Model.
2. A Solar System Model in Scale of Size and Distances.
3. Agrupacion Astronomica Isal de la Palma.
4. Annular Eclipse in Panama in the 2005.
5. Astronomy at "Virgen de Las Nieves" School.
6. Astronomy Education in Bulgarian Schools Using the Internet.
7. Astropalma.
8. Colegio "Santo Domingo de Guzman", Otherwise Known as "La Palamite", in Santa Cruz de La Palma.
9. Feedback From Astronomy Course in Skara.
10. From Myths to Science. A Drama Project.
11. Interesting Practical and Observational Exercises in Astronomy.
12. L'Aula del Cel": Communicating Astronomy at School Level.
13. Learning Astronomy by Simulation (Labs).
14. Martian Base.
15. Noticias Del Cosmos: Recent News in the Classroom.
16. The Pendulum of Foucault.
17. The Popularization of the Astronomy in the Municipal Observatories of Murcia.
18. The Visiting Program of the Central America Suyapa Astronomical Observatory of the National Autonomous University of Honduras.
19. Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) and Last Total Solar Eclipse That We Observed in Turkey on 29th March 2006.

The organizers encouraged active participation by everybody through personal contributions to the poster session, in the common discussions or in the general working groups. In order to promote the exchange of information, each participant received the Proceedings, which included all the activities in English and one of the two other official languages of the Summer School. This year, as well as of English, the official languages were Spanish as hosted country and Portuguese for reasons of proximity.

The General Lecture of the opening session was presented by Dr. Rosa M. Ros from the Technical University of Catalonia. Dr. Jay M. Pasachoff from Williams College and current president of Commission 46 of International Astronomical Union and Claus Madsen Chair of Educational Department of European Southern Observatory presented the General Lectures in the closing session.

A group of instructor members of EAAE produced the prior list of activities during the meeting. The majority of them are members of EAAE WG of the Summer School: Francis Berthomeiu, Roland Boninsegna, Alenxandre da Costa, Frédéric Dahringer, Sakari Ekko, Rainer Gaitzsch, Simón García, Rupert Gesenberger, Irma Hannula, Leonarda Fucili, Felisbela Martins, Alan Pickwick, Rosa M. Ros, Josée Sert, Roland Szostak, Ilgonis Vilks, Eder Viñuales and Werner Warland as well as, Joan Genebiera, Toño González, Nieves Pérez-Acosta non-members of this working group, who was invited to present several activities.

We spent the morning and the first part of the afternoon in Workshops, the second part of each afternoon in General Working Groups and Poster sessions. Two evenings were used for observation sessions with telescopes. In particular the participants enjoyed a very special observation in El Roque de los Muchachos of Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias. Also it was organised an afternoon excursion to volcano area and a guided visit to Santa Cruz de la Palma.



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