Space Art Winners 2023.

1. Category from 6 to 10 years

First prize

A Binoculars BASIC 12×32.
Alexandra-Theodora GOROVEI, 7 years old, Colegiul National de Arta ”Octav Bancila” Iasi, Romania.

“Meteorites belt”
“I'm still dreaming on the way how to cross the van Allen radiation belt to get to the meteorites belt. They are carriers of precious metals for the development of new technologies. I am dreaming how to make a powerful spacecraft with high speeds, to withstand extreme temperatures and extreme radiation.”
Teacher: Marian Gorovei.

Second prize

Book “Were is Spaceys planet?”
Daniel Madzharov, 10 years old, "Vasil Drumev" Primary School, Varna, Bulgaria.

“Solar System’’
“I love Space. This is our Solar System. Everything is beautiful.”
Teacher: Ivan Kalchev.

Third prize

A monocular KONUSMALL 10×25.
Tilly Byrne, 10 years old, Dublin 7 Educate Together National School, Ireland.

“A special moon landing”
“My inspiration was Neill Armstrong landing on the moon! The reason I picked Neil Armstrong out of all the astronauts in the world is because Neil Armstrong was the first man to take the first steps on the moon on July 20th in the year 1969.”
Teacher: Veronica Ward.

Incentives Prizes

A DVD movie “Ayes on the skies”.

1. Lena Magdić, 9 years old, International School Crnjanski, Jagodina, Pomoravlje, Serbia.

“Space puzzle”
“Space puzzle represents the whole of humanity and the galaxy. We are all part of the same world. Man, as an important factor, should take into account the sustainability of the space and nurture it as much as his immediate environment. I am impressed by the beauty of space and I admire the astronauts who had the opportunity to enjoy it.”
Teacher: Aleksandra Filipović.

2. Martin Palušek, 7 years old, ZŠ s MŠ Poloma School, Slovakia.

“Visitor from space”
“My father told me he was watching Halley’s comet in 1986. On my picture is next transit around Sun that we will see together in 2061.”
Teacher: Mária Filipová.

3. Narmin Gasimli, 7 years old, Art school- Republican Children and Youth Development Center under Ministry of Science and Education Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, Azerbaijan. Primary school-Elitar Gymnasium named after Ilyas Efendiyev.

"The colorful world of the little gray planet"
“I think the planets get bored sometimes. I tried to add color to Space in my painting. I wanted to entertain the little planet by making the surroundings colorful in my drawing. This planet is my little undiscovered planet i  hope I will discover it myself.”
Teacher: Javid Ilham.

4. Jan Bącler, 10 years old, Poland.

“Virgo constellation”
"I was born on August 23, which means I am a zodiac Virgo. That's why I chose the Virgo constellation as the subject of my work."
Teacher: Hanna van Loon.

5. Maria Dimitrova, 7years old, Primary School “St.Paisii Hilendarski”, Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

“Colorful peaceful creatures”
Teacher: Daniela  Georgieva.

2. Category from 11 to 14 years

First prize

A Binoculars BASIC 12×32.
Ekam Kaur, 13 years old, DCM Presidency School, Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

“The Necklace of Life”
“Gazing at the night sky, thinking of the universe, I believe that it a treasure box with celestial bodies as jewels filled in it. Here, if I go with my favourite, it is the Earth and it always seems to me as the lively necklace in the neck of the universe, as it is the only known planet which supports and nourishes life. That’s why I have named it the necklace of life. Theia collided into the earth in the giant impact hypothesis and the moon was formed.
Here, I also pay tribute to the first man to step on moon, Neil Armstrong. That’s why I had shown the “Sea of Tranquility” (the specific area of the moon).
We must conserve this necklace before it is too late as it is the most precious one!!!”
Teacher: Rameeta Vasudev Sharma.

Second prize

A Mounted image 185: Wide Field Imager view of the spiral galaxy NGC 247 by ESO.
Miyu Fujita, 13 years old, Junior High School Attached to Faculty of Education, Wakayama University, Wakayama, Japan.

“I like to stay up late at night and look at the moon in the sky, so I expressed the magnificence and beauty I felt when I saw it.”
Teacher: Shutaro Sakaihara.

Third prize

A monocular KONUSMALL 10×25.
Leonora Dilova 12 old, Primary School “Dr. Petar Beron”, Pleven, Bulgaria.

“I drew comets because it is an interesting like Astronomical obgect in the solar system.”
Teacher: Lyubimka Petkova.

Incentives prizes

A DVD movie “Ayes on the skies”.

1. Pedro Filipe Alves Peixoto Pereira, 12 years old, Agrupamento Escolas Infanta D. Mafalda, Rio Tinto, Gondomar, Portugal.

“Cloudy fly”
“I chose a nebula because it makes me dream about the things that might be hidden there. And as I really like cars, I always remember the shape of their optics.”
Teacher: David Gil Luzia Ferreira da Conceição.

2. Amine ÖZDEMİR 10 years old, Finike Bilim Ve Sanat Merkezi School, Türkie.

“Map Of The Moon- Ay’ın Haritası“
“Astronomy is a science that I have always been curious about and that preserves its mystery so, on my mysterious journey, Ali KUŞÇU shed light on my way with the map of the moon and inspired my painting.”
Teacher: Şenay Bozkurt.

3. Anabela Gruevska, 14 years old, Primary school “Dame Gruev”, Bitola, North Macedonia.

“Settlement of the moon”
“Because of our selfishness and greed, we accelerated the process of self-destruction, that is, we caused global warming and climate changes that are becoming radicalized. That is why our eyes are fixed on seeking salvation by ennobling our dusty natural satellite, the Moon, with human lives. The clock is ticking…”
Teacher: Valentina Stepanovska Andonova.

4. Carolina Cristiano, 14 years old, Colégio Helen Keller , Lisboa, Portugal.

"The flaming dragon Nebula“
“I chose this phenomenon because I think that space is a wonderful unknown place and this image represented the beautiful chaos that goes in it.”
Teacher: Vanessa Balsinha.

5. Karina Petrova, 13 years old, X Primary School „ Aleko Konstantinov“, Pernik.

“My Journey”
“I want to visit different planets and discover new worlds!”
Teacher: Albena Petrova-Kirilova.

3. Category from 15 to 18 years

First prize

A Binoculars BASIC 12×32.
Ilaria Bevilacqua, 15 years old, Isis Europa School, Napoli, Italy.

“A storm of colors”
“This is a handmade canvas painting representing the aurora borealis. The aurora borealis is the result of solar storms. Its color is given by the sun’s magnetic rays and its pink color is very rare and can only be admired once every 15 years.”
Teacher: Mario Di Fonza.

Second prize

A Mounted image 139: Stars are born in the dust-banded Trifid Nebula by ESO
Vlad Sorina Gabriela, 18 years old, COLEGIUL ECONOMIC “VIRGIL MADGEARU”, PLOIEȘTI, Romania.

“Another Universe”
“I was inspired by our galaxy to make this painting. I thought "What would it be like if, at night, when we looked at the sky we could see even more stars, maybe even planets?". After researching I found out that if there wasn't so much artificial light at night we could have a much wider and more gorgeous view of the cosmos with the naked eye, not just a few stars against a dark background. That's why I used art to be able to have an image of what I would like to see when I look at the sky at night.”
Teacher: Constantinescu Nicoleta.

Third prize

A monocular KONUSMALL 10x25
Nansi Nikolova, 17 old, Art atelier „Don Kezi“, Dupnitsa, Bulgaria.

“Space Shuttle”
“I drew a space shuttle because it’s impressive. It is a manned spacecraft. For launching cargo into space, repairingspacecraft and returning. Spacecraft and equipment to Eart.”
Teacher: Elena Marulevska.

Incentive Prizes

A DVD movie “Ayes on the skies”

1. Carmen Gómez García, 15 years old, Colegio Huerta de la Cruz, Algeciras, Spain.

“Woman in Space”
“Classic imagery about astronomic reserach is linked to men even though women have made very important contributions to Astronomy. This illustration is a homage to those women who, from Earth and in spacecrafts, have devoted themselves to Astronomy, Aerospace and Aeronautics Sciences, opening new frontier for humankind: women, to infinity and beyond!”
Teacher: Sonia Madrid Leal-Juan A. Prieto Sánchez.

2. Mia Krofl, 16 years old, Gimnazija “Fran Galović”, Koprivnica, Croatia.

“Bloody Bubbles”
“I found it very interesting that massive stars can blow bubbles. That's why I decided to paint a cluster of dark red bubbles in the red spiral galaxy RS14. The picture is painted on canvas, and I painted with acrylic paints.”
Teacher: Željka Perošić.

3. Donets Karina, 16 years old, GBPOU "Otradnensky Oil College", Otradny, Samara region, Russia.

“A distant planet”
Teacher: Morozova Yulia Vasilyevna.

4. Rihyana Rodrigues lopes 16 years old, Lycée La Versoie, THONON LES BAINS, France.

“You vs the world”
“We see an astronaut in front of an exo planet. He’s alone and small because the planet is very big. So I choose an exo planet because there is so much planets that we don’t know about and it’s really intresting.”
Teacher: Mure Delphine.

5. Paula Bámaca, 15 years old, American School of Guatemala, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

"The 4th (Physical) Dimension"
“Based on the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott in 1884, the concept of multiple dimensions coexisting gave me the idea of a representation of a 4th physical dimension. Based on the James Webb telescope, trying to explain the origins of our universe, it is seen in and out of our 3th dimensional vision that allows an object to enter and exit our plain, see an inside structure and be able to manipulate our reality through a different parallel. This idea shows how much humans still need to learn and explore not only on what is visible, but also what else could be just hiding at plain sight.”


All participants will receive digital certificates on the teacher's e-mail.

The winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as the incentives in each category will receive diplomas and gifts provided by the European Southern Observatory and the EAAE, which will be sent by mail to the addresses of the schools.

The works can be seen in Google Drive - "Space Art 2023" folder with subfolders for each country:


1. Ivo Jokin, coordinator of Space Art, member of the EAАE Executive Council , director of the Municipal Center for Extracurricular Activities, Dolna Mitropolia Municipality, head of the Rainbow School of Painting, Bulgaria.

2. Antonio Acedo, Member of the EAАE Executive Council, Spain. 

3. Mariana Staneva, art teacher, Regional History Museum, Pleven, Bulgaria.

Annex 1

List of received works Space Art 2023 contest.

1. Bulgaria - 91
2. France - 29
3. Italy - 3
4. Lithuania - 22
5. Poland - 4
6. Portugal - 148
7. Republic of Northern Macedonia - 4
8. Romania - 8
9. Russia - 15
10. Serbia - 2
11. Slovakia - 4
12. Spain - 33
13. Turkey - 17
14. Ireland - 14
15.Croatia - 12
16. India - 3
17. Japan - 8
18. Malta - 2
19. Azerbaijan - 2
20. Guatemala - 1
Total: 423


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