To participate you have to make a previous registration. You have to fill up the registration form and send it to us.

The registration form should be send by email to the EAAE webmaster and to the project coordinator.

Participation can be either from schools in groups of three or four students who are coordinated by a teacher or individually. That is, people may also participate by themselves if they have found a sundial and they consider it interesting to show us.

The final works should be submitted to the project chairperson and webmaster until March 30, 2012 to be place on the webpage.

Works produced must be submitted in PDF or Word format and images with sufficient quality by ensuring that the document is not too heavy and avoid problems sending.

Both schools and individual persons participating will receive a PDF Participation Certificate when works are received by us.

Two prizes will be awarded for work submitted by groups and other two for the presented individually.

In both cases the first prize is a Diploma issued by the President of the EAAE and the continuity of work in a gallery of our website for a time to be determined. For groups that have worked under the supervision of a teacher at the school, the Diploma will be awarded to the school.

Papers that are selected in second place prizes will be the same as those that are the first, stating in the diplomas if they are finalists or semifinalists.

The competittion winners will be announced the second fortnight of April of 2012. Also from the organization to inform you that have been awarded, an email will be sent individually.


Picture 1: Horizontal sundial in Warsaw's Palace Lazienkrowski (Poland).
Picture 1: Horizontal sundial in Warsaw's Palace Lazienkrowski (Poland).


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