All the requirements, recommendations and technical requirements for the commpetition.

Requirements for the participants

1 - Form a group of a maximum of 4 participants – a leader and at most three school students;

2 - The leader has to be a teacher, an extracurricular activity organizer etc., but not a student;

3 - Choose an astronomical object or event, about which you would collect information and prepare a project or a short video.

Recommendations for the topics

The projects on topics from the educational program can focus on:

1 - Lessons-observations (carried out in real time or obtained from a virtual observatory);

2 - An important part of each project is the creation of a practical activity.

Technical requirements for the projects

1 - The project that you have developed needs to have a volume equivalent to ten standard typed pages (A4) or not more than 5000 words and it needs to be in PDF format.

2 - If you would like to compete in the video category, your video should not exceed 5 min in length, and should be uploaded to any video platform (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.) or to a file-sharing service.

3 - To submit your project successfully, please go through the How to participate page.

4 - It is highly recommended to have the projects checked for scientific and factual mistakes, and for typographical and punctuation mistakes.

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