List of the Catch a Star Winners 2022.

Best project young students and absolute winner

Mounted image 139: Stars are born in the dust-banded Trifid Nebula

The Importance of Finding Water in the Universe

Category high-school students

First prize

First prize: Mounted image 085: The hidden fires of the Flame Nebula

Protoplanetary Disks: The Present of Future Planets

Second prize

Second prize: Mounted image 041: NGC 2264 and the Christmas Tree cluster

The Hubble Tuning Fork

Third prize

Third prize: Mounted image 145: ALMA observations of the Antennae Galaxies

Observation of Supernova Explosion SN2022hrs

Fourth prize

Fourth prize: Mounted image 198: The star cluster NGC 2100 in the Large Magellanic Cloud

On Death’s Edge - The Volatile Lives of Wolf-Rayet Stars


There are also two honorary mentions.

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