Conceived and promoted by the association Astróbriga, the model Solar System consists of a reproduction of our Solar System to a scale of 1/290,000,000 in of the region of Ciudad Rodrigo, province of Salamanca, Spain, and was inaugurated during the first weekend of September 2021.

The model is unique in that it can be visited at the speed of light: at the chosen scale, light travels through the system at about 4 kilometres per hour, so that, walking at this perfectly normal speed, a person will take the same time as it takes a photon in reality to go from one element of the system to another.

The model is not an end in itself, but a tool for activities aimed at developing intellectual curiosity, carrying out innovative educational and scientific dissemination activities, as well as promoting tourism alternatives in the region.

It is one of the largest three-dimensional scale models in the world and the most important in Spain.

It has the support of important astronomical research centres from all over the country, departments from different universities, astronomical societies and scientific institutions of all kinds at the highest level.

This project has also had the support of our Association, the EAAE.

The project is deeply rooted in the local civil society. More than 1700 life-size brass and gilded aluminium hands out of the 2941 that make up the surface of the Sun were contributed through a participatory funding system and are named after the people who “lent a hand”. Also, dozens of local businesses and institutions sponsored Astróbriga to make the project a reality.

More information about this Solar System model can be found here:

Nicolas Cahen

Link to French version.
Link to Spanish version.


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