Zaragoza (Spain) became, from April 28 to 30, 2023, the national meeting point for professional and amateur astronomers and disseminators, bringing together more than 200 people, some of them members of the EAAE, at the XXV State Congress of Astronomy held at the Center for Art and Technology "Etopia" of that city. This edition was organized by the Huesca Astronomical Group (AAHU) and Astrosedetania, its group in Zaragoza.

The inaugural conference was given by Zaragoza-born astrophysicist Eduardo Ros, member of the team that took the first photograph of a black hole, entitled The first images of black holes with the Event Horizon Telescope. The speaker explained how the first image of a black hole that was presented in April 2019 was obtained and what immediate implications it has.

The extensive program was made up of conferences, round tables, the exhibition The life of the stars and a play entitled A giant leap in which one of the protagonists tries to understand humanity's desire to understand the Universe. Likewise, more than 40 conferences were held on topics of great importance for the community of astronomers: observational astronomy, cosmology, instrumentation, popularization and history; also on light pollution and computer models and an exhibition of posters. There was also a workshop on the construction of models of lunar craters.

Mayte Acedo, teacher and member of the EAAE, and Antonio R. Acedo, national representative of the EAAE-Spain, gave two conferences. The first titled The father of planetariums, an Andalusian from Ronda claimed the figure of the versatile Ibn Firnás (IXth century) as a pioneer of current planetariums. The second conference was The European Association for Education in Astronomy (EAAE) in which they explained the origin of the EAAE and its history, objectives, working groups, didactic material and highlighting the activities carried out by the EAAE. The attendees were very interested in the activities carried out by our association.

Lecture on the EAAE at the XXV CEA in Zaragoza (Spain).

At the closing of the Congress, the FAAE Awards (Federation of Astronomical Associations of Spain) were awarded in their third edition to Astronomical Dissemination. In the category Innovation in the dissemination of Astronomy the winner was the Portuguese Paulo Sanches and the award was given by Nicolás Cahen, member of the Board of Management of the FAAE and member of the EAAE.

The next State Congress of Astronomy will be in Madrid in 2024 and organized by the Astronomical Association of Madrid (AAM).

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