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In the December 2023 issue, “Astronomía Magazine” publishes an extensive article related to the EAAE titled: “The EAAE Annual Contests: Catch Star and Space Art.”

Like every year around this time, the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) convenes its two most emblematic competitions, Catch a Star and Space Art, and invites all European and non-European students to participate in them.

With these projects the EAAE tries to comply with  the bases for which this association was founded, already in 1994-1995, which can be summarized in promoting greater interest and awareness about the role of astronomical education, as well as increasing its effectiveness at all levels through research and the exchange of information and experiences. That is, in the broadest sense and at all educational levels, taking advantage of its interdisciplinary aspect with all areas of knowledge.

The EAAE has established a set of working groups to support the educational and dissemination  work of the organization, for example the WG1-School Projects that promotes cooperative projects in schools, organizing various events and among them the aforementioned Space Art and Catch a Star, contests  international organizations competitions that are the result of collaboration with the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and designed  specifically to stimulate students’  interest in astronomy.

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