Moonwalkers intends to be a website to promote students learning about the Moon.

Observe the Moon and present your lunar observations as a project or as a short video for the Moonwalkers contest.


Lunar Eclipse - September 2007
Lunar Eclipse - September 2007


EAAE's intent is to propose to teachers and students to observe the Moon on the nights of clear sky.

By doing this they can try to discover changes across the Moon’s phases, they can discuss the motion of the Moon and the Earth around the Sun, as well debate about the origin of the Moon; students should also become familiar with the many interesting features on the Moon and they can learn about the many active features on the Moon’s surface.

Coordinators of the Project Moonwalkers:
Veselka Radeva, National Representative, Bulgaria.
Gordana Apostolovska, National Representative, Republic of North Macedonia.

This website is about school observations of the Moon that can be and are supposed to be carried out by students.

The Moon has been a very important object along Mankind’s history.

To provide knowledge about lunar motion, about the Moon’s surface, about lunar research, and about lunar phenomena.

Along 5 months try to observe the phases, the Moon’s maria (the latin word for “seas”), craters, mountains and peaks.

How to make the observations?

There are some documents about the Moonwalkers project and to help Moon observations.