Evaluation and ranking of Catch a Star projects.

The evaluation and ranking of projects is done by the EAAE Juri on the basis of the following criteria:

1 - Scientific credibility;

2 - The style of presentation: clear, accessible presentation of the information;

3 - Responsible and creative approach to the presentation/solution of a given problem;

4 - Originality of the idea;

5 - The project should follow the inquiry based learning model and allow for significant learning;

6 - Evaluation of the pedagogical approach of the teacher;

7 - Adequately used literature.

The maximum number of points for each criterion is 6.


The juri members must not be leaders or consultants of projects.

The projects are ranked in two categories.

In the Main Category, that is for all students the projects are ranked as first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place. All projects after the fifth will be ranked sixth ex-aequo.

The Special category is for students not yet in secondary school.

Projects, in which plagiarism is found, are disqualified and do not participate in the competition.

Certificates will be awarded to the winners of prizes. All others will have access to a downloadable certificate.

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