Aug 15

Eratosthenes measurements of September 2015 coming up

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As in 2014, the EAAE has associated to the Physics Department José Juan Gambiagi, of Buenos Aires, IAU, the Asociación Física Argentina and the Projeto Eratostenes Brasil to perform a worldwide Eratostenes Experiment using data from schools all around the world.

To allow the simultaneous participation of schools from northern and southern hemispheres that have different school calendars, the experiment shall be reproduced on the autumn equinox that will occur on September 23rd , 2015.

On a window of dates between September 14th and September 25th, 2015 the schools must measure the shadow of the Sun as it passes the local meridian, as explained on the links on the left side of the webpage.

EAAE has performed this Experiment in the past with students all around Europe in 1997 and in 2010, and this year's event marks the beginning of the annual basis of the project in EAAE's strategy. The Physics Department José Juan Gambiagi, of Buenos Aires, that has been performing this experiment in South America in the last years (learn more at http://df.uba.ar/eratostenes) and will be responsible for the database of all measurements.

To make your registration plese visit http://www.eaae-astronomy.org/eratosthenes/ and use the links on the left side for registration in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Registrations will be available until September 1st 2015.

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