Oct 13

EAAE Winter School 2013 registrations are open

EAAE Winter School 2013

Enontekiö, Finland, 28-30 December 2013

The Winter School will be organized by the EAAE-WG3.

This Winter School is open to all teachers who work in primary and secondary schools in European countries. The School will be held next December in Finland (Lapland). The Winter School will take place on 3 days in the last week of this year (28.-30.12. 2013) in Enontekiö in Lapland. Registration fee is 50 Euros.

During the Winter School teachers will attend general lectures, workshops and daily observational sessions. Participants should wrap up warm during these sessions because of the cold weather. Note that though Sun never rises and daylight of dawn is only seen for a very short period at this time of the year in Enontekio(learn more), observation sessions can only be held during the Winter School if weather conditions are good.

Instructors at the Winter School will be members of EAAE-WG3, and they come from different countries in Europe. The theme of this Winter School is Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

Professor Rosa Maria Ros (ros@ma4.upc.edu) is the Chairperson of EAAE-WG3 and should be contacted for any doubts.

Travel info: The nearest airport to Enontekiö is Kittilä.

There are few flights from Helsinki to Kittilä in one day. The internal Travel Agency will arrange a connection flight from your country to Kittilä via Helsinki.

For accomodation you should consider the hotel Hetan Majatalo as follows:

  • accommodation in Double room costs 61 €/person/day including breakfast,dinner and sauna;
  • accommodation in Single room 82 e/person/day including breakfast,dinner and sauna.

In order to guarantee your accomodation and prices presented your registration should be sent to Rosa Maria Ros (ros@ma4.upc.edu) until October 15th. Registration form can be downloaded here.

Lunch can be served extra
in the following ways

  • in the hotel Hetan Majatalo 12-13;
  • outdoor lunch: you can take a set of sandwiches, coffee/tea/juice and bisquits with you in the morning for the price of 7 €.

Of course it is always possible to lunch in the some other place.

The EAAE-WG3 wish you very welcome to the Winter School in Finland 2013!

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