Sep 11

IAU Global OAD_Call for Volunteers

Source: IAU



The OAD is compiling list of potential volunteers willing to contribute to the IAU capacity building activities described in the IAU Strategic Plan. Astronomy for the Developing World 2010 – 2020: Building from IYA 2009.

It aims to use astronomy as a tool to stimulate development at all levels including primary, secondary and tertiary education, science research and the public understanding of science.

Present and planned activities include:
• Building Research Capacity and university education
# Schools for university students
# Long-term visits to institutes in developing countries
# Long-term institute twinning
# Inspirational lectures to students on astronomy and related technologies.
• Astronomy for Schools
# Teacher training courses
# Development and translation of educational material for children.
• Astronomy for the Public
# Inspirational semi-popular lectures on astronomy or related technologies
# Activities building on IYA2009 including stargazing and engagement with amateur groups

In addition to participation in the delivery or helping with the organization of activities there are several general areas in which volunteer assistance would be valuable, e.g. translation of the OAD website into several languages.

We are particularly interested in contacting expatriates who are prepared to help carry out development activities in their countries of origin.
Note that the strategic plan spans a ten-year period. Assessing the number of potential volunteers, will help us gauge the scale of possible activities, develop an effective organizational structure to run them and provide information for fund raising campaigns. We shall gradually increase the number of volunteers and expand the programmes in line with funding possibilities.

We would therefore be grateful if you would complete the questionnaire for potential volunteers at http://www.astronomyfordevelopment.org/index.php/volunteers.You can also reach us at info@astro4dev.org specifying as subject: “Call for Volunteers” or contact us personally.

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