Sep 11

Solar Sketch September 1st - Astronomy Education Outreach Podcast - What's Up for September 2011 - GRAIL to the Moon

September 1st 2011 Solar Sketch East limb proms,Active Region 1283 , Fibrils show Magnetic field lines
Large filament. 10:50 UT
PST 40 / 8 mm TVP eyepiece - 50 X
Pastel , Conte, Pencil on black paper 

There were  several  proms on the solar limb that morning but these busy proms  on the eastern limb seemed to be the most interesting to me. Some of the magnetic field lines around AR 1283  stood out for several seconds in good detail so I sketched them in with pencil over the pastel. That's why they appear a little shiny as pencil does that  when used over pastel. Fibrils in the suns chromosphere  line up along magnetic field lines giving up  secret invisible information about their shape and extent of some of  the magnetic activity in the Active Regions.

Obviously I am re tuning and re focusing the telescope constantly  to capture all these features on the same plain , on a piece of paper. The sketch is CD size.




Science Chat talks to astronomer and artist Deirdre Kelleghan about her prize winning Deadly Moons project, and the book she's co-authored, Sketching The Moon  an Astronomical Artists Guide - Link below
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