May 11

Blazing Lights Over Unused Sports Fields

Blazing lights over unused sports fields make no sense at all! We teach our children to turn off unnecessary lights, yet  all around the World neighborhoods waste significant levels of energy and tax money needlessly with poor lighting practices.

It is proven lighting equipped with motion detectors is more effective security lighting than constant-on. This can be useful for the athletic field in many cases. Just like we pay the meters for parking, those who want to light up a volley ball field at night can pay a meter too. There is always the option to play during the day. Better yet, I'd like to see at least a few sports fields serve as StarParks at night and invite families to look through telescopes at public stargazing sessions.
Solar power makes a lot of sense; technology is constantly improving, however, even if energy is free we ought not allow light to trespass outside our own property lines, or directed upwards where it contributes to sky glow that literally travels for 100 ~ 300 kilometers away. Do you know that in many places street lights are deliberately designed to shine onto people's front doors (and inadvertently into bedroom windows)? People should have the option to install a motion-detector light over their own front door if they want it.
Ask your community to rethink outdoor lighting.

Adapted from Facebook cause: Reclaim the night sky: One Star at a Time

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