Apr 11

Here comes the 2011 Eratosthenes Project campaign

Once again in 2011 the EAAE is proud to announce the opening of the campaign to reproduce the Eratosthenes Experiment at a global scale. Following the 2010 campaign's success next this activity will be repeated at the next European Summer Solstice on 21st of June 2011.

Every school in Europe is invited to participate in this global experience in order to measure the Earth circumference. With the only help of the shadow projected by a stick, the participating students will be able to repeat the Erastothenes calculation. Moreover, a video conference will allow all participants to see how the activity is performed in the Bibliotheca of Alexandria, the mythic place where this measure was done by the greek mathematician more than 2000 years ago. All information concerning the event will be held on http://www.eaae-astronomy.org.

A screenshot of the project's webpage.

Materials that will help the schools to reproduce the Eratosthenes Experiment locally where created and are also available on the website as well as calculators to help schools confirm their calculations based on their measurements.These calculators can also be used by small children school to make the calculations that the children cannot perform because the don't have the mathematical skills to do them.

The project intends to allow schools to reproduce the Eartothenes Experiment locally.


The Eratosthenes website also has links to several complementary Didactical Materials that can be used by teachers when preparing this project or for many other purposes. EAAE members, Anna Artigas and Guido Robotti, will coordinate the 2011 campaign of the project.

The EAAE Eratosthenes Project

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