Jan 11

EAAE Sunrise Project is back again!

The EAAE is proud to announce the Vernal Equinox 2011 edition of EAAE Sunrise Project - A modern variation of the Eratosthenes Experiment. The project is a follow up of the 2010 edition and the deadline for registration is February 20th, 2011. Project coordination is assured by Sakari Ekko, a long time member of the EAAE that has been very active in astronomical photography among other areas.

The idea of the Sunset Project is that the students use simple self-built cardboard pinhole cameras to make very long-exposure (several days) photographs of the sunrise or sunset around vernal equinox 15. – 25.3.2011. The Sun exposes its path on the image, which is sent to Sakari Ekko after the exposure for scanning. The processed images are shared and used to comprehend the latitude-dependent differences of the path of the Sun and to find the latitudes of the different locations. The images are added to the EAAE sunrise image collection for further pedagogical use of all interested teachers.

A pinhole camera image done during the 2010 edition of Sunrise project. Sunrise 17.3.-22.3.2010, Rovaniemi, Finland, 66.5ºN 25.7ºE. Very near the Arctic circle. Look at the scanned data sheet series S.

The students will develop their skills, among other things, in basic geometrical optics, the idea of camera, self-building, observing practice, Sun’s path in the sky and its effects on climate in different latitudes.

The EAAE Sunrise Project intends to promote the simultaneous development of astronomy, maths and photography skills among students.

Another pinhole camera image done during the 2010 edition of Sunrise project. Sunset, Cascais, Portugal 38º42’N 9º25’W. Photographer: Salvador M.Bruschy. Teacher: Leonor Cabral.

Project's website: http://eaae-astronomy.org/sunrise-project/

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