Feb 11

"Lover's Island" seen from Space

Source: ESA

Image credits: JAXA, ESA

As we approach Valentine's Day, Space Agencies do their best to gives images that are related to the occasion. After NASA's announcement of the close encounter between  the close encounter between the Stardust spacecraft and comet Tempel 1, ESA has today released a beautiful image of a romantically shaped  island.

The small heart-shaped island of Galešnjak is featured in this image acquired by ALOS – Japan's four-tonne Earth observation satellite. The 500 m-wide island is situated off the Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea.

Since its recent rise in popularity due to satellite images, the privately owned island has become a big hit in the media and with romantic tourists. Local media report the owner has received numerous requests from couples wanting to celebrate St Valentine’s Day there. (read more)

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