Jan 11

Planck's new view of the cosmic theatre

Source: ESA Press Release N°03-2011

This image shows the location of the first six fields used to detect and study the Cosmic Infrared Background.
Image credits: ESA/Planck Collaboration

The first scientific results from ESA's Planck mission were released at a press briefing today in Paris. The findings focus on the coldest objects in the Universe, from within our Galaxy to the distant reaches of space.

If William Shakespeare were an astronomer living today, he might write that"All the Universe is a stage, and all the galaxies merely players."Planck is bringing us new views of both the stage and players, revealing the drama of the evolution of our Universe.

Following the publication by ESA of the first full-sky Planck image in July last year, today sees the release of the first scientific results from the mission.(read more)

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