Dec 10

Project Moonwalkers - Total Lunar Eclipse Observations

Project Moonwalkers intends to be a project by which the schools can help students to learn more about the Moon. This month it brings a new  challenge to school teachers and to all educators in general.

Lunar Eclipse - September 2007

On December 21st there will be a lunar eclipse that will be visible at moonset in most western Europe. This eclipse's maximum will occur at 08h17min (UTC) which means it will be early in the morning.

Students and teachers are invited to share every kind of observations of the Moon that make and we will present your reports  on our webpage with due credit.

You can have your own personal projecs. It might be just to take pictures of the Moon, write poems about the Moon or anything else. Send us your layout to the OBservations Archive (eaae.moon@gmail.com) and we will be glad to present it on the projects webpage.

The Moon Eclipse on December 21st.
Credits: Wikipedia

To know what time 08h17 (UTC) is in your country consider that Coordinated Universal Time is more or less the same as GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time).

To make it easier we present bellow information about  local and Coordinated Universal Time for all Europe.

Time zones of Europe:

blue Western European Time (UTC+0)
Western European Summer Time  (UTC+1)
red Central European Time (UTC+1)
Central European Summer Time  (UTC+2)
yellow Eastern European Time  (UTC+2)
Eastern European Summer Time  (UTC+3)
green Moscow Time (UTC+3)
Moscow Summer Time(UTC+4)

Information and image credits: Wikipedia

This project is coordinated by Veselka Radeva, a long time member of the EAAE.

Link: Project Moonwalkers

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