Nov 10

15th EAAE-IAU Summer School in Heidelberg, Germany

Between the 18th and the 20th of November, 2010, German SOFIA Institute (DSI) and the House of Astronomy (HdA)organized, in association with the EAAE and IAU, the 15th EAAE-IAU Summer School in Heidelberg, Germany. The language of this Summer School was German. The Summer School chairpersons wer  Cecilia Scorza and Olaf Fischer, both of them members of the EAAE and and the IAU.

A plan of the Haus der Astronomie were the course occured.

The Summer School was designed for school teachers interested in astronomy, in particular in infrared astronomy and spectroscopy, under the theme "Spectroscopy for the school".

General Lectures and Workshops were presented by EAAE, IAU members and teachers with long experience.  Workshops provided very practical and didactic material that teachers  caneasily use and implement in school practice.

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