Nov 10

Were wandering globular clusters the first dwarf galaxies in the universe?

Source: arXiv

In the last decade the advent of new types of dwarf stellar systems became a reality.

The new dwarf stellar systems include ultra-compact dwarfs, ultra-faint dwarf spheroidals, and exotic globular clusters, breaking the old simple paradigm for dwarf galaxies and globular clusters. These objects become more intriguing, and understanding of these new findings becomes more challenging. Recently we discovered a new type of large scale structure in the Virgo cluster of galaxies: it is composed of globular clusters. Globular clusters in Virgo are found wandering between galaxies (intraclus- ter globular clusters) as well as in galaxies.

The Virgo Galaxy Cluster. Source:DSS.

These intracluster globular clusters fill a significant fraction in the area of the Virgo cluster and they are dominated by blue globular clusters. These intracluster globular clusters may be closely related with the first dwarf galaxies in the universe. (read the full pdf article from arXiv)

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