Apr 10

30 Nights of StarPeace

The Sky literally brings together the Earth during GAM-be part of a global peace chain!

Inspired by the idea of sharing the beauty of the sky across national borders, "Thirty Nights of StarPeace" is a worldwide-scale event that will join together astronomy groups in neighbouring countries, one patch of Earth at the time, on successive nights during the month of April.
Using geographical longitude as a reference, we've divided the Earth into ten equal segments, each one spanning 36 degrees of longitude. Countries located in each of these 10 segments will have a period of three days to participate in the Thirty Nights of StarPeace project.
What you have to do is synchronize your group with an astronomy group across your national border, so that both groups observe the beauty of the sky at the same time. We will start at 180 degrees longitude (the International Dateline), and proceed westward in 3-day increments. Thus, countries located between 180 and 144 degrees east longitude will pick a night from April 1-3 for their public night of observation. Countries located between 144 and 108 degrees will have the April 4-6 time-slot, and so forth. In this way, through the month, the starry-night experience will progress around the globe westward in ten stages, creating a global star peace!

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