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21st EAAE Summer School in Algarve, Portugal

EAAE Summer Schools for Teachers

Loulé, Algarve, Portugal, 11th July to 15th July 2016.

The European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) is collaborating with the NASE Working Group of IAU   to organize the 21st EAAE Summer School for Teachers under the theme "Astronomy at our Schools",

The Summer School will take place from Monday 11th July 2016 to Friday 15th July 2016, in Loulé, Algarve, Portugal, and has local organization by Câmara Municipal de Loulé,  and  Escola Secundária de Loulé  and has the support of Ciência Viva and the Portuguese Ministery of Education.

The Summer School will explore several topics in astronomy didactics appropriate for teaching since very early ages until college.

Topics since  Solar Physics, Solar System and basic concepts of astrophysics, up to galactic astronomy, extragalactic astronomy and cosmology are the topics of some of the workshops of the Summer School.

Highlights include an expedition to the Almendres Cromelech, near Évora, and to Lisbon Astronomical Observatory that include lectures from the biggest experts about the subject at each place. During the visit, some sightseeing to the most interesting places is also considered, both at Évora and at Lisbon.

Astronomical observations are also programmed (if the weather conditions allow them). Astronomical lectures will be presented by lecturers from Universities and research centers.(read the whole program here)

The registration fee is 125 euros before the May 15th, 2015.

Between the May 15th and July 1st, 2016 registration fee will be 150 euros.

After this date registration fee will be 200 euros.

The fee covers all astronomical activities and materials, including a proceeding book. The price also includes the 4 lunches at school and the expedition to Évora and Lisbon.

People interested in presenting posters or short communications should contact Rosa Maria Ros.

The organization is also preparing extra programs for Sunday 10th (before the Summer School) and Saturday 16th (after the Summer School) for people that have early arrivals or late departures. These activities are not include on the price.

Due to the workshops (maximum 30 participants per workshop) Summer School can have a maximum of 60 participants because this means that each workshop is repeated twice as presented in the timetable.

This Summer School is done in Association with IAU and NASE.


Registration should be made using the form at the following link


After making your registration the participation fee must transferred to the bank account with the following data

Holder EAAE
Bank Kreissparkasse München Starnberg BLZ 702 501 50
Account Number 10815850
IBAN DE21 7025 0150 0010 8158 50

Your registration will only be complete when your fee is payed.


  • Fee before the 15th of May - 125 euros.
  • Fee from 15th of May to the 1st of July registration- 150 euros.
  • Fee after the 1st of July - 200 euros.

Read the full program here.


You can find accomodation at local hotels/hostels at the following prices for the venue:

Hotel Loulé Jardim*** (includes breakfast)

  • Single room - 54.00€/night
  • Double room - 72.00€/night
  • Triple room - 94.50€/night

HotelStar* (includes breakfast)

  • Single room - 43.00€/night
  • Double room - 55.00€/night

Guesthouse Dom Fernando (includes breakfast)

  • Single room - 40.00€/night
  • Double room - 52.50€/night
  • Triple room - 62.50€/night

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