Jul 15

EAAE Summer School held in London

Held at Burlington House the home of the Royal Astronomical Society, EAAE's 2oth Summer School was moment for sharing didactic material and personal experiences for all teachers present.

IMG_4694Josep Colomines presented two  workshops about planetary atmospheres with more than 10 simple demonstrations.

Visit to Greenwich Observatory was high moment as was the lecture given by the Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees.

Sir Martin ReesSir Martin Rees talked about the importance of Astronomy in the deveolpment of Science
along History and future perspectives in Astronomy and Space Exploration.

The teachers that attended the meeting said the what they appreciated more was:

  • The learning atmosphere
  • The enthusiasm of instructors
  • Visit to astronomical institutions

Bellow are presented some moments of the Summers School:

Building a simple paper spectrometer in the workshop about light and light technology in Astronomy.
IMG_4800Parallel Earth demonstration.
IMG_4892Seasons and sunlight demonstrator.
IMG_5237Workshop about Astronomical Imaging in the Classroom.
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