Apr 12

Galilean School of Higher Education: Applications open.

Submitted by Laura Abati

The Galileian School of Higher Education is the possibility for some excellent students, selected by admission tests, to live in a very stimulating contest. Tutors, seminars, special internal courses, cultural exchanges, computer facilities should promote their personal and cultural better formation.

The goal is to allow, following the example of Galileo, an integrated learning method in order to form a highly qualified international group.

The School, is inspired by Galileo who was not only great Astronomer and mathematician, but also a fine philosopher and a man of literature, has beside a scientific group and a humanist.

The location is in an old noble building in the town of Padua. Students can live there (single rooms) and all the facilities are FREE.

The conditions and results are very good in the university and inners courses ( media Marks >- 27/30 , single examination>-24/30)

Each year 24 students are admitted. Up to now there are only Italian students but the new actual director , prof. Cesare Barbieri, will be glad to receive also some European students.

The GS has been active for 6 years but isn't spreadly known. Teachers should tell their students about this unique opportunity.

The main points that have to be fulfilled by the applicant is the he/she must be/have :

  • Excellent student
  • European
  • Age < 22
  • Enrolled at Padua university for the first time in scientific ( not only Astronomy) or humanistic courses
  • Entrance examinations in English for not Italian students

TheGalilean School offers

  • FREE accommodation ( single rooms) and
  • FREE facilities ( tutors, seminars, internal courses , computer)

Attention: The APPLICATION DEADLINE is September, 2012.


Galileian School of Higher Education

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