Nov 11

"Catch a Star" winners announced today

The juri of "Catch a Star" has announced the winners of the contest. To improve child participation the juri decided to create a special award for young children. The prizes that were awarded this year are the following:

SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE: One observational session on 2m Faulkes telescopes
The Faulkes Telescope Project is the education arm of Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGTN).
The aim is to provide free access to robotic telescopes and a fully supported education programme to encourage teachers and students to engage in research-based science education. LCOGTN operates a network of research class robotic telescopes. Currently there are two telescopes, one in Hawaii and the other in Australia. These telescopes are available to teachers for them to use as part of their curricular or extra-curricular activities and are fully supported by a range of educational materials and a team of educators and professional astronomers.

First place: 60 min remote observations with the 2m RCC Telescope by National astronomical obervatory "Rozhen", Bulgaria (TWO)

Second place: 60 min remote observations with the 50/70 Schmidttelescope by National astronomical obervatory "Rozhen", Bulgaria

Third place: 60 min remote observations with the Cassegrain-telescope"Zeiss-600" by National astronomical obervatory "Rozhen", Bulgaria

Fourth place: Hubble - Cosmic Collisions - The Hubble Atlas of Merging Galaxies, European Southern Observatory
Written by Lars Lindberg Christensen, Raquel Yumi Shida and Davide De Martin

Fifth place: 15 Years of Discovery book, European Southern Observatory
Written by Lars Lindberg Christensen and Bob Fosbury. Illustrations & Layout: Martin Kornmesser

Sixth place: Hidden Universe, European Southern Observatory
Written by Lars Lindberg Christensen, Robert Fosbury and Robert Hurt

Additional prizes: 10 DVDs - Eyes on the Skies, European Southern Observatory

New : Special prize for young children: Star maps and ESO Posters

This year the EAAE juri of the contest decided to award two first prizes. And the winners are...

Project Prizes Country School Teacher



Determination and Modeling of the shape of an asteroid by analysis of its light curve

Special Grand Prize


High-school Léonard De Vinci, MONTAIGU

Mr Jean-Jacques RIVES

LIVET Florian, PASQUIER Corentin and COISLIER Titouan

23 The sizes of the Moon


Spain "Santo Domingo Savio" UBEDA (Jaén) Francisco Trillo Poveda Elvira Díaz de la Torre, Manuel Martínez Jurado y Marina Sánchez Valera
1 Sunspots


Bulgaria Vaptsarov Language School , Shumen Aneta Marinova Valentina Stancheva, Vladislava Jordanova
15 Astronomy in Navalcarnero


Spain IES Carmen Martín Gaite José Luis García Herrero Rubén Iglesias Buendía, Marina Álvarez Alamillo, Miriam González Fernández
2 Astronomical examination of Be-Stars with spectral methods


Germany Lore-Lorentz Schule Heinrich Kuypers Benedikt Gröver
14 Sun and Refraction


Bulgaria Astronomical Observatory by Youth Center, Haskovo Yoanna Kokotanekova Yovelina Zinkova, Radostina Velevska, Ivana Yankova
31 Solar modulation of galactic cosmic radiation and VLF …


Croatia XV. Gimnazija, Zagreb Ljiljana Neme Julio Car
24 The Draconides 2011 and comets!


Denmark Alssundgymnasiet Sønderborg Michael Lentfer Jensen Rune Lassen, Morten B. Ochelka, Anders Goosmann og Nivethan Shanmugaratnam

Betelgeuse, the mysterious star

Special Prize for young team

Spain CEIP "Salvador de Madariaga". Daganzo (Madrid) Elena Alcacera Pérez Luis Fernandez Codeseda (9 years), Fidel Martínez García (9 years), Elia Sufuentes Arija (9 years).
Project Prizes Country School Teacher Students

DVD prizes were also awarded to the following projects:

Project 3 My EX Hydrae observations, Młodzieżowe Obserwatorium Astronomiczne im. Kazimierza Kordylewskiego w Niepołomicach, Poland.

Project 4 The Sun-a Binary Star, Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium, Lithuania

Project 7 The Universe's Zoo, "Ştefan cel Mare" High School , Romania

Project 8 Using sky quality meter to measure sky Brightness, SOU,,Orde Copela,, - Prilep , Macedonia

Project 10 Drinking with Einstein: gravitational lenses, Colegio San Gabriel (Madrid) , Spain

Project 18 Star clusters, Astronomical Observatory by Youth Center Khaskovo , Bulgaria

Project 19 The Spectroscope, School no 14 "Ion Ţuculescu", Craiova, Romania

Project 27 Cassiopeia: a queen, a pirate and a journey "relative" the fourth dimension, Colegio El Carmelo de Granada, Spain

Project 28 The Milky Way and Andromeda collision, Skrundas Secondary School, Latvia

Project 32 Moon project, Escola Salesiana "Mare de Déu dels Dolors, Sant Boi, Barcelona, Spain.


Link: "Catch a Star" webpage

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