Sep 10

14th EAAE-IAU astronomical school held in Varna

The 14th EAAE-IAU astronomical school for teachers was held in Varna during September 1st-5th. More than 40 bulgarian teachers participated in the school.

A group picture during the Summer School.

The greatest interest was displayed towards the lecture “Training to teach astronomy”: a cooperative opportunity for EAAE and IAU , and towards Prof. Rosa Ros’s workshop New experiments on gravitational lenses.

Teachers were split into two groups: first group - teaching astronomy to 5-7th graders, second group – teaching astronomy to 10-12th graders.

During the school, teachers attended the following general lectures:  
1.“ Training to teach Astronomy: a cooperative opportunity for EAAE and IAU – by Prof. Rosa Ros.
2. SMARTNET – results and perspectives – by Prof.  Diana Kyurkchieva
3. „NAOP-Varna’s capabilities for teaching astronomy”– by Svezhina Dimitrova.

Lecture by Rosa Maria Ros.

Each group did practical exercises and received instruction, according to to the age of their students and topics from the curriculum. During the exercises, teachers from the first group modeled spatial maps of the constellations and the Solar System. They eagerly used Internet astronomical educational resources and methodological ideas for their application to solve different astronomical problems as part of the practical exercise. There were shown a large number of interesting computer presentations on gravity, phases of the Moon, space flight, sizes and distances in the Universe, light and shadows, life in the Universe, and optical phenomena in the atmosphere. Teachers learned how to make virtual astronomical observations in the classroom. They developed ideas for lessons based on Computer planetarium. Teachers enjoyed the lesson about actual and virtual observations of stars, stellar systems, stellar clusters and the Milky Way, which was held in the Planetarium.

Teachers working in a workshop.


The good weather allowed observations of solar prominences with an H-alpha filter, and during the night – a lesson in orientation using the night sky. The electronic astronomy lessons of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science were also presented. As is customary for EAAE schools, surveys was distributed at the end of the school.

Solar observation during the Summer School..

Teachers gave positive evaluations for the organization and conduction of the school, the quality of lectures, the practical exercises, and observations. They expressed the desire to have such schools every year, and to include more practical exercises.

Night sky observation during the Summer School..

The Summer School was extremely useful, and motivated teachers for their work in the beginning school year.

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