Jul 10

Reproducing Eratosthenes

On June 21st, Schools from all around the world have made a precision measurement of Earth's circumference using the Eratosthenes Experiment (see June's issue). Nonetheless the strategies to achieve its pedagogical goals started in the previous months.

The webpage created by the EAAE for this global experiment (http://www.eaae-astronomy.org/eratosthenes/) gave support to this activity and worked as a meeting point for the participants.

The students from participant schools used it to share information about the methods that were employed, the problems they had while performing the measurements and the results of their calculations.

The EAAE webpage also supplied complementary material about the dynamics of the system Earth-Sun that the teachers used as a background to prepare the experiment.

The goal of this activity was to create an international network that reproduced the Eratosthenes experiment all over the world and supplied the scientific knowledge needed to perform the measurements.

Each participant school made the calculations to infer the Earth's circumference and shared the results through the webpage and two live international videoconferences.

A team of students from Astronomical Observatory at Youth Centre, Haskovo, Bulgaria participating on the project.

Schools from 20 countries belonging to the 5 different continents participated in this activity and the inter-group communication achieved motivated the students, who could better understand the scientific method beyond the experiment.

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