Mar 10

Mars Express heading for closest flyby of Phobos

Source: ESA

Phobos. Credits: ESA/ DLR/ FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

ESA's Mars Express will skim the surface of Mars' largest moon Phobos on Wednesday evening. Passing by at an altitude of 67 km, precise radio tracking will allow researchers to peer inside the mysterious moon.(read more)

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Mar 10

Eratosthenes Project Launched

Following the deliberations approved at the EAAE GA held in Madrid in December 2009, Working Group 1 "Collaborative Projects" has began to work
in a new project related to the Eratosthenes Experiment.

A workshop about the Moon during the Summer School.

The President of the EAAE Rosa Maria Ros contacted directly with the Director of the Library of
Alexandria and made an agreement for a “videoconference” envolving institutions from EAAE member states and the Library of Alexandria. This idea was accepted and contact with Alexandria and
Syene will be guaranteed in order to see the Eratosthenes Experiment done on its original places.

WG1 Coordinator Charles-Henri will coordinate the mentioned videoconference and a marathon videoconference with institutions of all EAAE countries (more or less 20 schools, one for
each country).

The EAAE webmaster has created a special website for this new project and a database to gather the information sent from schools or other institutions that want to promote this event with young people all around the world.

The project intends to allow schools to reproduce the Eartothenes Experiment locally.

Materials that will help the schools to reproduce the Eratosthenes Experiment locally where created and are available on the website. Calculators to help schools confirm their calculations based on their measurements were created.These calculators can also be used by small children school to make the calculations that the children cannot do because the don't have the mathematical skills to do them.

The Eratosthenes website also has links to several complementary Didactical Materials that can be used by teachers when preparing this project or for many other purposes.

A new EAAE member Antonio Perez Verde
will now be the webmaster of this project.

Another EAAE new member, Anna Artigas, will coordinate the project.

The EAAE Eratosthenes Project

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