Nov 09

EAAE-IAU Course 2009. Day 4

On the 4th day the participants of the EAAE-IAU Course set on to CosmoCaixa by bus.

At CosmoCaixa the participant were received by Alejandro Fernández, the Director of the institution, who presented the institution through a general lecture called "CosmoCaixa. Ten years of disclosure of science", followed by a guided tour around the perimeter.

Some participants at the Toca!Toca! exhibition at CosmoCaixa.
Josée Sert and Cristina Palici presented a General Working Group about the "International Year of Astronomy 2009: Results and perspectives".

Josée Sert and Cristina Palici during their presentation.

In the afternoon Veselka Redeva, Alexandre Costa and Alan Pickwick made a presentation about nighttime observations, concerning observation activities with the Moon and Deep Space objects, as well as explanations about telescope functioning.

Activity about the observation of the Moon's features

After a free visit to the Science Museum and a Planetarium Session, the group then followed to the Center of Madrid for a free tour.
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