EAAE was constituted in Athens on November 25, 1995. The supreme authority of EAAE is the General Assembly and the governing body is the Executive Council. To facilitate the work of the Association concerning the different countries, National Representatives have been elected. Furthermore, to support the work of the organization, two Working Groups have been established.

The aims of the Association refer to those named by the Declaration of the EU/ESO workshop at the ESO Headquarters in Garching on Teaching of Astronomy in Europe's Secondary Schools in November 1994. Following these ideas, the particular aims of the Association are:

1 - To promote a greater interest in, and an awareness of, the role of astronomy education.

2 - To increase the effectiveness of European astronomy education at all levels through research and the exchange of information and experience.

3 - To be a responsible body able to provide informed and authoritative advice on coordinated European astronomy education.

4 - To encourage the development of resources for teaching of astronomy.

5 - EAAE is working in alliance with The European Planetarium Network (EuroPlaNet) and Euro-Asian Association of Teachers of Astronomy (EAATA).


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