The EAAE's General Assembly gathered in Madrid on December 1st, 2009.

Rosa Maria Ros was elected as EAAE president with people that will try to promote EAAE and teaching Astronomy in Europe.

This webpage is one of the major features that the new team intends to promote. But there are others...

The General Assembly elected the Executive Council which is now composed as follows:

President: Rosa M. Ros

Vice-president. Veselka Radeva

Tresaurer: Alan Pickwick

Secretary: Crisitna Palici di Suni

Editor/Webmaster: Alexandre Costa

Charles Henri Eyraud

Irma Hannula

Janet Hilton

Felisbela Martins

Co-opt: Olympiads. Anders Västerberg

Co-opt. Summer Schools: Francis Berthomieu

The elected Executive Council would like to thank to all teachers that teach Astronomy for their cooperation in this common objective. We hope to be useful for Astronomy in Europe. Of course all we would like to involve all the members in the activities that we believe that can begin to run in the EAAE future.

After the election of the Executive Council, the General Assembly decided to promote a vote of laudation for the work of the previous President Fernand Wagner which was unanimously approved.

The work of Fernand Wagner as Vice-President for 7 years and as President of the EAAE for another 7 years were the support to Rosa Maria Ros's  proposal for his nomination as Honorary President of the EAAE. This proposal was approved unanimously.

At the present moment and for the following years the GA decided to create 2 new Working Groups and to continue with the Working Group of the Summer Schools. The Working Groups that are now official are:

WG1: Cooperative projects
Chairperson: Charles-Henri Eyraud

WG2: Catch a Star
Chairperson: Janet Hilton

WG3: Summer Schools
Chairperson: Rosa M. Ros

All people interested to be included in a WG should please contact the chairperson.

The GA has decided that one of our main goals should be the EAAE website. It has been decided to have a bery active web activity because it is our "window" to teachers and society.

We plan to have a blog, a Newsletter every month, didactic materials from previous Summer Schools, details of Olympiads and current information about all the WG.

The EAAE members that will work in the website are: Alexandre Costa (webmaster), Francis Berthomieu, Charles Henry Eyraud, and Anders Västerberg.