EAAE Summer Schools          

Organisation: EAAE-WG3

The European Association for Astronomy Education is the first all-European network for teachers interested in Astronomy. The EAAE has a set of working groups which works in various fields. The spirit of WG3 working group on training teachers of EAAE is to offer teachers access to specific research, to new educational materials and methods and the possibility to exchange experiences.

You can find here some reports about the last EAAE summer schools and get soon informations about the next one.

1st EAAE Summer School, Spain 1997

2nd EAAE Summer School, Italy 1998

3rd EAAE Summer School, France 1999

4th EAAE Summer School, Portugal 2000

5th EAAE Summer School, Germany 2001

6th EAAE Summer School, Finland 2002...

7th EAAE Summer School, Austria 2003...

8th EAAE Summer School, The Netherlands 2004...

9th EAAE Summer School, Sweden 2005...

10th EAAE Summer School, Spain 2006...

11th EAAE Summer School, Garching, Germany 2007

12th EAAE Summer School, Granada, Spain : July 2008.

The 13th 2009 EAAE Course on Astronomy Education was hold in Madrid, Spain.

The 14th 2010 EAAE Course on Astronomy Education was hold in Varna, Bulgaria.

The 15th 2010 EAAE Course on Astronomy Education was hold in Heidelberg, Germany.

Here you will find how to contact all the members of the EAAE Working Group : Summer School .

Francis Berthomieu <berthomi@ac-nice.fr> February 2009